I’ll Miss You, Grandma


Dagny Brinch (1914 – 2008)

Pictured here enjoying the summer two years ago, surrounded by grandchildren and great-grand-children.

A google of my late grandmother turns up a music video as one of the first hits. My great-cousin Niels Cederfeld in Los Angeles has a music video that features a brief clip of Dagny from the early 70s.

Spore Creatures


The spore creature editor is now available for trial. The results end up looking like this video clip.

The creature editor (even in the limited free edition) is a joy to use, and the flexibility and ease-of-use is remarkable, considering how hard 3D editing is.

The direct manipulation, the responsiveness of the preview to your positioning, the feedback through sound-effects (the spine vertebrae makes click-click sounds as you elongate or shorten the body blob), and the incidental animation of the half-formed creature makes for a fun toy.

It’s not a game yet, but there is a lot of fun in just watching how the creature creator figures out how to make your blob walk and talk.