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How to Become Norwegian: part 83

Skiing is something that Norwegians claim to enjoy and be experts at, without actually putting it into practice. The story that Norwegians are born...
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Snowman on the balcony

It has snowed a lot while we were away. The weather is cold and clear and beautiful. Fay wanted a snowman, so we built one using the fine...
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Signage on Beijing Subway

While staying in Beijing, you will spend a lot of time travelling around by subway. The signage at the stations and in the subway cars is well worth...
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Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner, originally uploaded by xt1. Sweet and sour deep fried perch, with spiced duck to follow.

Queen of East and West Badaling

Queen of East and West Badaling, originally uploaded by xt1. Fay gave me the great wall for Christmas. We took a taxi out to Badaling and walked...
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