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Neil Young – Living With War

The new album Living With War is excellent. Go listen to it.

A couple of interesting things I found while reading up on the site:

  • Journalists must take care when re-writing or clarifying their interviews, otherwise they might end up with the original quotes matched up against their re-write, like this. Blogging on the internet is changing the balance of power between authors, subjects and readers. These are interesting times.
  • Young kept waiting for a younger songwriter to do the big anti-Bush protest album, but nothing was happening. It looks like the Idol and manufactured pop-star phenomenon has taken over so completely that nothing controversial is said for fear of offending a consumer.

    Pearl Jam are releasing an album next week, we can hope it matches Young’s (which is really really good).

KT Tunstall

Just finished a week long training session in Surrey (All you ever wanted to know about Windows Vista). If you ever have to go to Microsoft Chertsey, then do youself a favor and stay at a B&B in Chertsey or in Weybridge. Don’t do like I did, and go with the Microsoft “recommended” Hilton in Cobham unless you are looking for some alone time. The hotel is in the middle of a forest, miles from anywhere. Your eating options are the restaurant, the bar or room-service. Oy vey – it was dull. And the internet didn’t work (and cost £15 extra a night).

Anyway – while I was there the annual Brit awards were on. Kaiser Chiefs won a bunch which is nice, but I caught a rocking performance by KT Tunstall – female singer songwriter with a nice earthy voice. Folky pop says the wikipedia, and they’re not wrong. A bit like early Tori Amos. Have a listen