Ruter Kiosk Fail


Ruter# has upgraded the ticket kiosks to support multiple zones. The only problem is that the default zone (1) is not visible when you get to this step in the buying process.

The column of zones scrolls, although you would never guess this from the user interface.

4V is the name of a zone.

The up ? and down ? arrows don’t indicate progress within the steps (the double triangles do this ??), they trigger scrolling. When you push the upwards pointing arrow, the list of zones shifts to show more, including the most common choice (1).

Not exactly a super way of indicating that there are more choices.

Now granted – they are hampered by ELMER – the UI standard toolkit they are mandated to follow. It doesn’t allow for a lot of graphical flourishes in order to distinguish scrolling from standard choices.

But really, would it have killed you to put all the zones up using 2 or 3 columns? There’s lots of room on the right side of the screen that’s not being used.