Trouble with Localization

My darling better half is enjoying her new MacBook – but the Apple “Pages” software turned out to be less popular.  After Jens pointed out to me that I can buy a cheap license for Office through the Home-Use Program, I bought a license and downloaded the Mac Office and installed it.

Mac Office 2011 License accept dialog

Note the buttons: ACCEPT (Godta) and REJECT (Avslå)

English version

The same dialog, in English this time.

Notice the subtle difference? (Microsoft has helpfully highlighted it for us)

This explains why I completely failed to complete registration until I clicked the REJECT (Avslå) button. The translation team at Microsoft has transposed the labels – making the task impossible to complete unless you disobey the instructions.

The problem has been reported to Microsoft, so hopefully in the future Norwegians won’t be baffled by the difficulty in activating the software.

The confusion probably arises from the MS Windows habit of having the OK/CANCEL buttons in the opposite order from the Mac, which tends to put them in the reverse order: CANCEL/OK.

Norwegian/Norsk mode engaged: Hvis du har problemer med å registrere/aktivere Mac Office 2011 på OSX, så må du altså trykke på AVSLÅ knappen i dialogen som sier “Du må godta betingelsene i lisensavtalen for å fortsette.”