Snowman on the balcony

It has snowed a lot while we were away. The weather is cold and clear and beautiful.

DSC02282 DSC02283

Fay wanted a snowman, so we built one using the fine powder snow that has collected on our little balcony.

It is really too cold to build a proper snowman – the snow crystals does not sinter into lumps when it is so cold and dry – so it became more of a snow-pile than a snow-man.

DSC02289 DSC02284

Finally the pile was high enough, and a small snow-lump on top served as a head. Fay carefully placed jellybeans for the eyes and nose:

DSC02292 DSC02293

  Voilà! Casper the snow-man/monster. With a bit of left-over christmas wrapping he got a bit of hair too…


Very stylish, don’t you think?

Here is one we saw in Behai Park in Beijing earlier…


He has a a stick pipe and arms. More of a proper snowman than our snow-mountain.