SDK Documentation

SuperOffice makes a nice client.

SuperOffice also makes a set of programming APIs available to its partners. My job is to make sure that the hundreds of functions in the API have a bit of documentation and sensible explanations, so that our partners can figure out how to make SuperOffice do things.

This turns out to be harder than you might expect.

  • Some partners are experts who want to know about very complex details in every part of the system.
  • Some partners are more interested in joining SuperOffice and other systems together as fast as possible, and don’t want to spend a lot of time figuring out how to do it.
  • Lastly, we have consultants who just want to add a bit of extra info to SuperOffice without having to do much (if any) programming to get results.

All these audiences need to find something useful in the API documentation, without being confused by what the others need.

To make life more interesting, the technology we provide is accessible in several different ways:

  • old-fashioned COM APIs are very popular and by now well understood.
  • the old-fashioned COM APIs can be imported into the new .net/C# world.
  • SuperOffice have developed a whole suite of new tools for the .net/C# developer, the integration programmer, and the hurried consultant who doesn’t want to program too much.

So I spending a bit of time making sure that we write an explanation once, in one place, and having the results end up in several different places in the documentation as appropriate to the reader. The results are looking great.

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