Bad Days, Good Days

Today: mainly spent watching SuperOffice 6 and IBM iSeries OS 5.4 fail to get on with each other. At least it appears to fail consistently, but only the gods of SQL know why. The SuperOffice diagnostics aren’t detailed enough to make a useful determination of the error. Oh – let’s be honest: problems during the initial dictionary loading are misleading at best. Of course, DB2 doesn’t help by offering such gems as PWS0043 “Unable to use the parameter marker values provided.” and SQL4013 “Access plan has not been built”.

This code was all working last week on AS/400 OS 5.3 – so I’m inclined to waggle a finger in its direction, but it would be helpful if it would tell us something more useful (such as the fact that it’s security model has changed, or that IBM’s decided that iSeries SQL is all lower-case this month, or the fact that the login failed due to the wrong phase of the moon). The bigger problem is that the login failure might be lost reported by DB/2, but not logged anywhere due to some old error handling code deep in the guts of our database handling logic.

Argh – frustrating for everyone.

Tonight: triple Arran whisky and the latest Spooks hot off bittorrent. (Spooks has returned to its roots – the current episode’s embassy hostage situation is a nice echo of the first season’s episode, but this time with more deaths, gunfire, and an extra dash of intrigue and double-cross).

Arran whisky: creamy, vanilla, delicious. Go get some for yourself.

Spooks: delightfully sadistic, violent, delicious. Go watch some now..

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