Work-Time Fun

The people who run the SuperOffice DevNet site are called BV Network. They invited a bunch of their partners out for an evening of fun and guns. We took part in something called CounterStrike Live – indoor paintballing with AK-47 and M4 replicas. CounterStrike is something of an legendary online game – tense and unforgiving, it requires tactics and coordination for a team to succeed. The rules are simple: terrorists have a bomb that must be placed at one of two or three locations. The counter-terrorist squad must stop them. The question then becomes whether to split up or to defend one location.

Playing online is one thing, actually crouching and opening a door when you don’t know what is on the other side is much more exciting!


Paintballing outdoors is fun, but the long sightlines and open terrain can make the game trench-warfare. Indoor paintball tends to get messy because the larger blobs of paint soon cover everything like a slip-n-slide. The smaller pellets used here are less messy, so the floor isn’t as slippery. The indoor setting makes for a much closer playing field, so the tension ratchets up. Line of sight is usually broken by a door or wall. Office corridors are long, natural shooting galleries.

All in all – great fun. Much thanks to BV Network for inviting Per Arne and myself. The only downside is that the adrenaline high keeps you bouncing around till way past your bedtime.

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