Gambling for Work

After a long hard day of conferencing, the DevNet/SuperOffice team treated everyone to a free drink (just the one mind you), a magic show, and then gambling: blackjack, roulett, and Texas hold’em poker (where the real action was).

Can you tell who thought he was doing well here? And what did Tone (our QA lead) say to him to make him so happy and confident?

(I won the last hand with a pair of queens – it was everyone all in).

Jens also did really well on the roulette table. He scored a big win apparently. I scored an 8:1 bet – and I can tell why people lose themselves in it. I just suddenly felt a certainty that 7 was going to come up – and damned if it didn’t show up on the next spin. Freaky!

The magician came back to hand out the prizes at the end – SuperOffice employees weren’t allow to participate, so we had to give our hard-earned chips away to the partners and customers there. A blind auction ensued, with second-last prize (a bag of crisps) going for two million, while the last prize (an Xbox 360) went for just over a million.

A hardy few climbed back up to the sky-bar for a nightcap, but I collapsed into bed a bit after midnight.

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