EA Downloader sucks

This is frustration that others also have problems with.

Why is it that almost every time I start EA’s downloading service to make sure I can play some Battlefield 2 – I get this slapped in my face?

I’m sure a lawyer somewhere is really proud of that text, but I don’t really care.

Even worse is really that the Downloader is too stupid to remember what I have installed, so it can’t update them automatically. I have to hunt around on some god-forsaken web page to find the right patch update for my version of Battlefield 2. Let’s face it – EA aren’t paying me enough to be their sys-admin. This stuff should just work.

Whenever I go to play some of Valve’s Half-Life I just get this:

Valve’s Steam service is smart enough to update itself and not hassle me every time itself or one of the apps its hosting. It subtly indicates that it is downloading stuff, but apart from a little line drawn in toolbar, I don’t even notice that it’s working.

People bitch and moan about Steam crashing or choking – but from my personal experience it’s never been a problem. It doesn’t get in the way of my objective: playing the games it holds.

EA’s download service, on the other hand, sucks donkey nuts.

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