Upcoming Animated Movies

There are a whole bunch of animated movies coming up – all of the computer animated:

  • Happy Feet – tap-dancing emperor penguins
  • Flushed Away – posh pet rat meets the sewer
  • Monster House – scary house eats passers by
  • Cars – Pixar’s talking cars race
  • Open Season – talking animals fight the hunters
  • Over the Hedge – talking animals discover the sub-urbs
  • Ant Bully – human bully learns lesson by being shrunk to ant size
  • Barnyard – the secret lives of cows gone nuts!
  • The Wild – Zoo animals escape into the New York jungle

If we add the rotoscoped animation films, we get a couple of more:

  • Scanner Darkly – Philip K Dick’s nightmare vision
  • 300 – Frank Miller’s spartans fight the persions

And of course

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