Neil Young – Living With War

The new album Living With War is excellent. Go listen to it.

A couple of interesting things I found while reading up on the site:

  • Journalists must take care when re-writing or clarifying their interviews, otherwise they might end up with the original quotes matched up against their re-write, like this. Blogging on the internet is changing the balance of power between authors, subjects and readers. These are interesting times.
  • Young kept waiting for a younger songwriter to do the big anti-Bush protest album, but nothing was happening. It looks like the Idol and manufactured pop-star phenomenon has taken over so completely that nothing controversial is said for fear of offending a consumer.

    Pearl Jam are releasing an album next week, we can hope it matches Young’s (which is really really good).

One thought on “Neil Young – Living With War

  1. I notice Neil removed the rant about the Rolling Stone article. Not sure if that means they revised it to his satisfaction (I think he was referring to the online RS) or if he just calmed down. Anyway, it was a fascinating read for the day or two it was up there. Good catch.

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