Daily Software Grind

I have too much work at once. Transitions between projects are tricky things, and I have (yet again) managed to get caught in a squeeze between four projects (two major, two minor). Whine whine whine.

Anyway, VS.net 2003 will occasionally not help by locking up. Deleting the .NCB file helps. Argh! Nothing more annoying than my primary tool going bonkers and freezing while I’m trying to get some work done. Two hours wasted uninstalling/installing various helpers and tools.
Visual Assist X is lovely, but I suspect it contributes to the Visual Studio lockup-on-start. We have a metric ton of files in our solution, and Visual Assist likes to scan the header files. It usually doesn’t freak out, but I wonder about it. Does it suffer from corruption in its database of symbols?

Xoreax Incredibuild rocks hard when it works, but the last couple of builds (2.40 and 2.42) have not rocked at all. Corrupt files, broken builds and increased flakiness do not endear themselves. The compiler is the most important tool for the programmer, and it’s considered bad to mess it up. Internal Compiler Error is not a good thing.

I’ve been told good things about Code Historian but I don’t have time to try it out. Too busy finishing and starting projects.

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