Raw Spirit

Finished Raw Spirit by Iain Banks. (Note lack of middle initial M in author’s name, indicating that is not a science fiction book). A very friendly, pleasant romp around the Scottish countryside, searching for the perfect dram. The biggest problem with the book is that you start to get cravings for bottles of whisky. The quest is mainly an excuse for Banks to tell stories and bring his friends along for a good party. He talks about his love of driving, his penchant for climbing bits of architecture (Banks should learn more about Parkour – urban climbing.)

Reading it is like hanging out with friends who enjoy a good curry, strong wine, strong ale, a good tale, and whisky in all its glorious shadings. I rather enjoyed it, possibly because I like these things too. It confirmed my suspicions that Talisker is one of the best drinks in Scotland, and has piqued my interest in the Macallan.

The book should come with a packet of aspirins – and a reminder that it’s time to stock up the bar again. The book’s definitely worth a read if you’re planning a driving holiday to Scotland.